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Fashion means a lot to many women and they follow it very closely in order to look beautiful and presentable. Fashion subsumes in itself clothing, accessories, footwear, and every other thing that can be worn. Fashion is ever changing and new designs and styles often replace older ones once they become obsolete. No fashion stays for too long as designers are always thinking of new styles and designs. Many new designs have taken over older ones in the process of evolution of fashion. The term fashion has been used for ages and different parts of the world have been displaying a different sense of fashion. Except for the traditional fashion, which is constant, general fashion keeps updating. Designers from all over the world work effortlessly to create new designs and styles. Like apparels, accessories are another important part of fashion. Fashion accessories are categorized into two types, first those which can be carried and others that are worn. Traditionally, the accessories that are carried include purses, clutches and handbags. In recent times, mobile phone cases, etc. can also be included in the list of accessories. The accessories that are worn may include, stoles, scarves, jewelry, watch, belts and hats, etc. Fashionable accessories accentuate the overall look of the person wearing it. The clothings and the accessories must be matching so that they complement each other nicely. Especially for women, there are a lot of options in clothing and accessories. They can choose among different clothings to wear at a party or work. Many new styles and designs are added to list of apparels for women. As far as the fashion is concerned women are very experimental. They love to experiment with their looks and try out different clothings and accessories.

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  • Fashionable clothings also include bodycon dresses bikini, swimwear and lingerie.

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